On Location:

  • We will check everyone's temperature prior to entry and anyone over 100.4 will not be permitted to attend.
  • Per the Williamson County Mayor's June 6, 2020 order, cloth masks will be required for all staff and students age 12 and up. Students should bring their own mask. We will have limited quantities for those who may forget but not enough for all. The order does not apply to those under 12 - masks are optional for this age range at parents' discretion. 
  • There are three entry points to minimize contact and congregating - students should enter at the appropriate entry as directed. 
  • We will have signs posted to help everyone remember to wash their hands and practice social distancing.
  • Groups will be split by age and learning will take place separately.
  • We will snack in separate groups.


  • All staff and students should stay home if they or a family member are not feeling well.
  • Students should request to be picked up if they start to feel unwell during class/camp. 
  • No physical contact in our activities - everyone should maintain an appropriate distance.
  • No congregating in common areas.
  • All staff, parents/guardians and students age 12 and up who enter the facility must wear a mask per the Williamson County Mayor's July 6, 2020 order. The order does not apply to those under age 12, for whom masks are optional. The full text of the order is here: https://www.williamsoncounty-tn.gov/DocumentCenter/View/20865/executive-order-54 
  • Showcase audience will sit in the pews as family units, otherwise social distanced.
  • Performers will enter and exit the stage in a uniform fashion so as not to cross paths or collide.

Cleaning Procedures

  • Staff will regularly clean commonly used surfaces (such as door handles, bathroom fixtures etc.) with disinfectant.
  • We will limit the use of any common items but if it is necessary the items will be disinfected between uses (such as glue, scissors, or other craft items).
  • New Hope Church has regularly scheduled deep cleanings of the facility.