Basic Responsibilities:
The Board is vested with the responsibility for carrying out the Vision/Mission and for overseeing the management and direction of CYT Nashville. It is responsible for planning and policy decisions, for financial stability and development, and for ongoing evaluation and monitoring of the work of the organization.

  • Must understand and adhere to the policies reflected in the Vision, Mission Statement and Values and Objectives.
  • Must be a business or arts-minded individual with relative experience.
  • Must demonstrate leadership qualities.
  • Must be willing to give time, effort and resources to the work of CYT.
  • Must be willing to attend quarterly Board Meetings 
  • Must be willing to attend CYT Productions and Showcases.
Specific Tasks:
  • Oversees the actions of the Executive Director, Managing Director and Program Director in the delegation and administration of responsibilities to other staff members.
  • Determines the future direction of the company and develops plans of action for obtaining stated goals.
  • Determines policies and procedures reflected in the Vision, Mission Statement and Values and Objectives to guide the operation of the organization.
  • Maintains the financial stability of the company, including fundraising efforts as determined by Board Members.
  • Manages and controls the legal affairs of the company to maintain the organization’s non-profit status.
  • Will determine, evaluate and approve new staff positions and appropriate compensation.
  • Serves on sub-committees as needed.
  • Regularly attends Board meetings, committee meeting as assigned, orientation sessions and special meetings as appropriate.
  • Serves on at least one standing committee and accept special assignments.
  • Formulates and approves long-range strategies and objectives as well as annual operating objectives.
  • Monitors the operating budget.
  • Helps secure other qualified community leaders to consider being future Board Members.
  • Attends CYT productions on a regular basis.
  • Makes a generous, annual personal and/or business contribution to the support the work of CYT as well as solicit funds from others in the annual campaign effort.
  • Holds in confidence all business matters of the Board, unless they are intended to be public information.
Elected for a two-year term (except when filling an unexpired term), subject to re-election.

Financial Expectations of Board Members:
All members of the Board of Directors are expected to become annual financial contributors to the best of their financial ability to Christian Youth Theater. It is considered exceedingly beneficial for all board members to be listed in CYT literature as financial sponsors of the organization. While there is no specific requirement for participation, it is strongly suggested that board members’ “give or get” a minimum contribution of $1,000 or more annually.



When you agree to serve on the Board of Directors of Christian Youth Theater, you make a special commitment to be a volunteer member of the Board. This commitment does establish some basic responsibilities on your part. The following is an outline of these commitments and responsibilities. As a Board Member, you will be expected to:
  1. Agree with the Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Values and Objectives of CYT.
  2. Attend at least 80% of the Board meetings. Meetings are held quarterly
  3. Serve actively on at least one Board Committee.
  4. Make a personal annual contribution to CYT commensurate with your financial ability.
  5. Work within your sphere of influence to solicit and encourage others to contribute to CYT.
  6. Help secure other qualified community leaders to consider being future Board members.
    CYT is especially committed to increasing diversity on the Board.
  7. Attend and support all Board and CYT activities to the best of your ability.
  8. Hold in confidence all business matters of the Board, unless they are intended to be public information.

Mission & Values

Mission Statement
Christian Youth Theater develops character and creativity in kids of all ages through quality theater arts training that brings families and communities together while reflecting the Creator.

  • Treat each individual with respect and significance
  • Develop character traits including discipline, self-confidence, and integrity
  • Bring families together through the use of individual talents and abilities
  • Share the love of Christ in word and deed