2020 Fall Show Update

Sadly, we had to cancel our planned Fall shows due to theater restrictions. However, we are excited to be putting on a Winter Gala Broadway Revue for our Winter 2021 production at New Hope Community Church!

Give My Regards to Broadway

Our Winter 2021 Gala is a Broadway Revue featuring ~20 hand selected Broadway songs and scenes with solos, duets, trios and group numbers! This production will focus on the theme of shining brightly through adversity. We will explore the ups and downs our world and country have experienced throughout the history of Broadway theater, and how Broadway has forged ahead and provided a stability and release for the world through it all. From the example of Broadway history, we will learn how we as individuals can also forge ahead and shine brightly no matter what comes our way, staying true to our passions, hopes and dreams for ourselves, our community and our world! 


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