You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

CYT Nashville kicked off it's inaugural season with this witty musical adapted from Charles Schultz's hilarious comic strip!  This version of YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN opened on Broadway in 1999 with a fresh approach to the all-time 1967 classic.  Sally Brown joins Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder and Snoopy in the unraveling of a day in the life of these unique characters.  Two new songs, "Beethoven Day" and "My New Philosophy" have been added to the twelve wonderful numbers of the original version, such as "My Blanket and Me", "The Kite", "The Baseball Game", "Little Known Facts", "Suppertime" and "Happiness".  This has all the charm, heart and laughter of a timeless family musical!

Wizard of Oz

CYT Nashville celebrated the 75th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz live on our stage!  Little Dorothy Gale of Kansas, like so many girls her age, dreams of what lies over the rainbow.  One day a twister hits her farm and carries her away over the rainbow to another world.  Our audiences joined Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Cowardly Lion and Toto as they travel the universe of Dorothy's imagination.